A Gardeners Guide to Growing, Planting and Buying Plants.

With 1000s of photographs and lots good practical advice on choosing, growing plants from experienced gardeners, www.nurseriesonline.us provides access to gardening tips that will suit both the beginning and experienced gardening enthusiast.

Join us to find out about plants from Aucuba to Zelkova. We look at new release plant, water fountains, garden design, hanging baskets and just about anything that you will ever need to help you grow an exceptional garden.

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What's inside

  • We cover plant pests and diseases, beneficial insects, butterflies, birds and deer resistant plants.
  • Plant propagation techniques
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  • We look at plant zones, soil, fertilizers and watering requirements, and it is all free. And yes we can tell you what plants are for sale and where to buy them.
  • Tools and equipment, what's new and what's the best value.
  • Check out our international sites for gardening in the UK and even gardening Down Under.
  • Bromeliad Care

With in-depth reviews of 1000s of garden plants, Nurseries Online is a free resource for gardeners both beginners and experienced. New gardeners can find ideas from the many gardening articles as well as the individual plant profiles.

We look at how to grow, prune and take care of plants, including USDA zones. From large trees to tiny treasures, flowering plants and bulbs to screening plants we have it covered.

Our A - Z plant finder is just one way to find plants and information. You can go to individual sections on roses, bulbs, iris, flowering trees and 100s more to explore gardening topics in depth. If you need help finding any plant, garden bulb, tree or shrub, our useful links to specialist growers, nurseries and mail order companies makes it easy.

We also look at fruit trees, vegetable gardening and provide a separate area for those interested in growing herbs, both for the kitchen and theraputic use.

For this gardeners interested in garden design, we look at a range of topics including landscaping principles, fountains and water features, garden ponds and even Japanese Garden design.

Our notes are all written by gardeners, and our photographs are all taken by us, many suitable to assist with plant identification.

If you have questions or comments you can join the conversation with us on google plus, Facebook or Twitter.

Window boxes

Window Boxes are popular just about everywhere, some streets are famous for them. So a garden in a box is what we a talking about, and the window is really just a place to decorate and grow a few extra plants.

Used to add a spalsh of color to homes around the world the innovative planting schemes are a source of amazment.

For small home, large homes, apartments and holiday houses, a colorful window box adds an individual touch.
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