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Aechmea fasticata 'Primera'

Aechmea fasticata ‘Primera’


An outstanding easy care Aechmea with silvery grey green foliage and very long lasting pink flowers, Aechmea fasticata 'Primera' is one of the best examples of this South American rainforest plant.

A ‘Tank’ or ‘Urn’ type broom that collects water in the central stem area it is also a very easy plant to grow indoors.Also known as the 'Silver Vase' bromeliad, this is a plant that gets better looking as it gets older, the foliage develops more of silvery grey look and then those wonderful pink flowers.

The joy of the plant is a mature specimen in full flower. The sad part is that they flower once and die. However they do freely send out offsets or 'pups'.

To grow a specimen that has all of the attributes of the one pictured you will need to take a little extra care.

Plants can take 2- 4 years to flower from an offset, so be patient. Over this period they set as many as 4 - 5 pups.

Aechmea fasticata ‘Primera’ unlike the species does not have the spines on the foliage



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