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Dyckia fosteriana

One of the more unusual species Dyckia bromeliads are generally low growing with finer foliage than most. They do however come in a number of forms so variety is certainly available.

Typically very tall flower spikes, they are colorful if not showy, and they do rise well above the foliage. However it the spiny foliage that is the main attraction year round.

For such an easy care plant it is a wonder that Dykia are not more widely grown. They are more forgiving than most bromeliads, have very attractive flowers


Some Dykia are easily propagated by separating the offsets or 'pups' from the main plant, they take well and are easy to get going.

Other species do not produce offsets so seed is the only way to propagate.


  • Dyckia fosteriana
    With its grey green foliage, spines and wonderful symmetrical shape Dyckia fosteriana is a very attractive specimen when grown in a container. (see picture top right)
  • Dyckia rubra
    Outstanding deep red foliage, again best grown as a single specimen in a container.
  • Dykia delectica
    Well suited to cooler climates, this is a varied species with a number of desirable forms, all with silvery foliage.
  • Dykia brevifolia
    Short and wide leaves, attractive yellow flowers.