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Guzmania bromeliad

On of the easier Bromeliads to grow indoors, Guzmania species and cultivars are popular for both the colorful and architectural foliage as well as the colorful flower bracts. It is often the long lasting upright flower bracts, sometimes persisting for 6 weeks, that makes Guzmania bromeliads are another excellent indoor plant. However it is the foliage that is attractive year round that adds extra appeal.

They are so good indoors as they require filtered light and protection from frosts, and indoor cultivation provides these conditions. In warmer zones they can be grown outdoors, and certainly they can be grown in containers and over wintered in a protected position.

Foliage tends to be narrow and strappy, however Guzmania are a bromeliad that does put on a flower show in the warmer months. The flower bracts are very colorful and will rise above the foliage.


Guzmania paulina

Most Guzmanias for sale will be hybrids, however a few species hold particular interest. So from over 120 species and upwards of 500 listed cultivars Guzmania offer a variety of foliage, flowers, colors and sizes. Hybrids such as Guzmnai 'paulina' or 'mini pauline' ( pictured right) are sometimes of very mixed parentage.

  • Guzmania conifera

  • Guzmania lingulata
    Tall upright flower bracts, Guzmania lingulata hybrids are one of the most common forms used as indoor plants.

  • Guzmania monostachia
    Perhaps the tallest of all of the flower bracts.