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Fritillaria imperialis

Fritillaria imperialis

Fritillaria imperialis are the most spectacular of all of the species and are the largest growing of all of the frits growing to nearly 1m.

Also known as the ‘Crown Imperialis’ and ‘Crown Fritillary’ it can be grown in the garden or in a container.

The easiest way to grow this beautiful bulb is from a mature bulb purchased online. In some soils and climates they are very easy to grow, in others they can be difficult.

The flowers last for nearly a month and deserve a prominent position in the garden. As the bulb becomes larger, so do the flowers.

Flower colour varies, with the burnt orange being the most commonly grown. Yellow and red flowering varieties are also available, however these are rare.

Except perhaps the most hot and humid, no matter what zone you are in, you can grow these wonderful flowering bulbs. It may need to be in a container, however they are well worth the effort.



  • Bulbs Rotting
    One of the major problems with Fritillaria imerialis is bulbs rotting in the ground. This can be overcome by improving drainage.
  • Not Flowering
    A problem caused by the bulb not being planted deep enough.
    Also caused by using slow release fertilisers.
  • Small Flowers
    Often caused by too much shade.
    Also caused by small bulbs. Flower size will increas as the bulb matures.