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Apricot Trees

If you have the space then an apricot tree is a wonderful addition to the home garden. We know they are grown commercially for fruit, preserving and for juice, however you can have all of this in your own garden if you want to.

Apricot trees do need a little space, good air circulation helps prevent diseases and allows the sun in to improve fruit quality. In the home garden go for self pollinating varieties, and be prepared to wait for around 4 years for good fruit production, you will get some earlier but just not a really good crop.

Apricot Varieties

Popular eating varieties include :

  • Goldcott
  • Isabella,
  • Harogem
  • Hargrande
  • Gold Kist ApricotĀ (Semi-dwarf)


Grown as trees, as fans and even espaliered, Apricot trees also come on dwarfing rootstock, so you can find a variety for most positions.

Apricot Trees are available for sale from the following growers

STARK Bro's NURSERIES& ORCHARDS Co.- phone: 1-800-325-4180 fax: 573-754-8880
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