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From the cooler climates of Europe blackcurrants are grown both as a small bush and in rows as hedges. Valued for high vitamin C content they are usually used for jams, juices and preserves. The leaves of some varieties are used to make a herbal infusion. We show you how to grow black currents including the best varieties available for sale.

These are perennial plant that flower in spring and fruit through to mid summer. They do need a rich well drained soil, but are actually easy to grow.

The big trick with Blackcurrant plants is to constantly renew the plants, although established plants will bear fruit it is those that have been renewed by heavy pruning that are the most productive.


  • Swedish Black - very high sugar and tasty fruit, but a little unruly in growth
  • Strata - Low yield but sweet fruit
  • Boskop giant - requires good pollination and can be a good producer.
  • 'Titania' - disease resistant but poor fruit
  • Ben Alder - a late variety very juicy
  • Ben Connan - better for fruit than juice - the one we like
  • Ben Hope
  • Ben Lommand - cold and frost tolerant
  • Ben Sarek - high yield but hard to pick
  • Magnus - self fertile
  • Sefton - does not require the same chill factor as others, better for warmer climates

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