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Dwarf Fruit Trees - Miniature Fruit Trees

Dwarf Fruit Trees, or miniature fruit trees are available for sale from online Mail Order Nurseries, Garden Centers and Wholesale Nurseries.

Dwarf fruit trees are usually varieties have been grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock to help control growth and final size of the tree. Some fruit tree species do have true dwarf varieties however mostly trees are grafted onto dwarf or semi dwarf rootstock.

Dwarf Fruit trees such as dwarf apple trees, peach trees, apricot trees and many citrus varieties are readily available for sale online. Dwarf coconut trees, fig, pear, cherry and tropical fruit trees are also available from nurseries in the United States.

Care and Container Growing

Increasingly popular Dwarf or Miniature fruit trees are suitable for growing both in the garden and also in pots or containers.

Care requirements for dwarf or miniature fruit trees is similar to that of normal varieties. Many types are available for sale online, but choose a variety that is suited to your climate.

Dwarf Fruit Tree root stock

  • Dwarf Apple trees are grafted onto rootstocks such as CG 11, a disease resistant dwarfing rootstock. Other suitable dwarfing rootstocks for apple trees include : M27, M9, M26

  • Dwarf Plum tree, peaches and nectarines are usually grafted onto the aptly named Pixy rootstock.

  • Dwarf Citrus Trees often use the 'Flying Dragon' rootstock

  • Dwarf Pears, Quinces, Cherries, Fig, Mulberries and Apricots are also available.

  • Dwarf Coconut trees are also available.

Dwarf and Miniature Fruit Trees for sale online from the following growers

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