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Peach Tree

Peach trees will grow in zones 4-8 depending on variety and micro climate.

The very popular peach, Elbert a for example will grow from zones 5-9. However the best zones are 6 and 7.

Peaches are so good to eat they have songs writeen about them and even record albums named after them. 'Eat a Peach' said the Allman Bros Band. 'Plant a little garden - eat a lot of peaches' sings John Prine.

Peaches are popular fresh, dried and in cans, however fresh is best.

Contender is a freestone (as against clingstone) that is available as a semi dwarf variety, excellent for smaller areas.

McKay is available as a dwarf, excellent for growing in containers.


Peach Tree Varieties

  • Elberta Peach
  • Burbank's choice Peach
  • Carolina Belle Peach
  • 4th of July Peach
  • Cream of the Crop Peach
  • Crimson Rocket Peach
  • Desertgold Peach
  • GaLa Peach
  • Intrepid,
  • Polar Peach
  • Redhaven Peach
  • Reliance Peach.

Peach trees are for sale online from the following growers

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