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What to do in the Garden :: Spring Tasks

Spring is a time of 'new life' in the garden, plants awaked from dormancy, the vegetable garden is ready to be planted out. Perennials and bulbs can also be planted.

  • Plant trees and shrubs early in Spring.
  • Prepare soil for planting by digging in organic matter and fertilizer.
  • Bulbs and perennials are ready for planting.
  • Complete any clean up of dead leaves and old plants.
  • Complete building arches and Arbors planned in winter.

Photograph plants as they come into bloom. Its a good idea to have a record of what is where in the garden, and a photographic record is always interesting.

  • Remove weeds as they appear. If you keep in front with weed control and don't let them seed, you will win the war on weeds.
  • Test your watering system. We know you don't need it yet, but make sure it works before you do.
  • Clean up the dead canes on the raspberries and other berries. Plant out new Strawberries, Blueberries, Currants, Loganberries and Boysenberries.
  • Plant vegetable seeds such as tomatoes and lettuce in early spring (try growing seeds in a cold frame in cooler areas)
  • Check out the compost pile, it may be ready to use, or it may need turning over to help speed up the process.
  • Prune roses if you have yet to get around to it.


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