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What to do in the Garden :: Summer Tasks

Summer might seem like a good time to rest and enjoy the garden instead of gardening, time for outdoor meals in the evening, and in general enjoy the garden. However remember to take care of the garden as well, so as you walk around take a little time to:

  • Make sure that you keep water up to plants that need it.
  • Mulch should have been spread in spring, but late is better than never, remember to water the ground first.
  • Keep lawns trimmed to about 1 inch (3cm). Any shorter and they ned more water.
  • Pick fruit and vegetables as they ripen, if you have to many, share with your family, friends or neighbours.
  • Make the most of the flowers that are blooming, cut them and bring them inside to enjoy.
  • Spend some time staking the tomatoes.
  • Keep at those weeds and don't let them seed.
  • Remember to lift bulbs such as daffodils and tulips, store them in a cool spot until next fall.

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