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What to do in the Garden :: Winter Tasks

Winter is a time of dormancy for most plants, and yes its cold outside, however their is still lots to do if you have the urge to 'get into the garden'

  • Repair and service tools and equipment. This is a greta time to have mechanical equipment such as mowers, trimmers and chainsaws serviced. But don't forget to sharpen and clean other tools as well.
  • In colder areas you can protect perennials from frost with a layer of mulch.
  • Complete any clean up of dead leaves and old plants.
  • Read all of those catalogues and search the internet to order new perennials and bulbs for Spring planting
  • Make a plan for new plantings, consider position, height color.
  • Plan any construction for the garden, landscaping, arches arbors, trellis, supporting frames for climbing plants.
  • Plan a watering system and get ready to install it.

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