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Gardening and Plant Zones for the USA - Plant Hardiness Map or Growing Zones and Climate Zones

US Gardening Zones and Planting Zones are based on the concept of plant hardiness. In the US plant hardiness zones are divided by 10 degrees of difference in the yearly average minimum temperature. So we have a set of recommended planting zones for plants. These zones are usually marked on plant labels or catalogues and can save a lot of trouble when selecting plants for the garden.

Gardening Zones or Planting Zones (USA Plant Hardiness Zones) in the US can be located on a map by zip code using the Arbor Day Foundation Zone Finder. Gardening zone maps can also be found at The National Arboretum Web Site.

So should we only buy plants recommended for our own planting zone?

You need to think locally, have you a specific micro climate in your area that is warmer or colder, are you prepared to grow plants in a greenhouse or over winter them indoors.

Many gardeners go to great lengths to grow specific plants, just because they want to.

Consider what is practical ( use the planting zones as a guide) and what you want to do ( go ahead and plant it anyway )


It is very difficult to give a month by month what to do list with accuracy across the USA, given different climate zones, seasonal variation and individual locations. Take our guide as 'a guide' and adapt it to your own gardening experience.

    Summer is a time to enjoy the garden, and make a list of what you would like to change, however a few important tasks need to be completed.
    more summer gardening tasks.

  • FALL
    Time to start cleaning up, the fallen leaves, spent perennials.
    more fall gardening tasks.

    Complete pruning, take a look at the list that you prepared in summer. Check out the catalogues online and order bulbs and perennials for next season.
    more winter gardening tasks

    Time to plant early in spring, fertilize and a quick clean up after winter.
    more spring gardening tasks


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