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How to Plant and Grow Thyme
Thyme Plant

How to Plant and Grow Thyme

Thyme is widely used as a culinary herb. With over 300 species along with many hybrids and cultivars this is a varied group of plants.

Many are woody shrubs, however others are low growing ground cover plants. Culinary varieties include Thymus vulgaris and well as the lemon scented thyme T x citriodorus. Around 60 different varieties are used for either medicinal, cooking as well as for fragrance.


Very few pests and diseases seem to worry thyme plants.
A major problem is over watering in poor drained soil as this can cause root rot.

Harvesting Thyme.

Sprigs of fresh thyme can be picked at any time of the year to use in cooking.
Thyme can also be harvested and dried for using through the year.

Culinary Thyme Varieties

  • Thymus vulgaris - The most commonly used variety
  • Thymus x citriodorus - Lemon scented variety
  • Thymus herba-barona - Also known as 'Caraway Thyme'

Medicinal Uses

Various species have been used for many year used as an antiseptic and well as an anti bacterial herb. Teas and infusions are made to treat coughs, colds and infections.

Landscaping Uses

Many varieties can be used for landscaping. Use thyme plants as low growing shrubs, or choose the low growing prostrate forms such as T. serpyllum as a ground cover plant.


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