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Cymbidium Orchid Flowering Cycle

Cymbidium hookerianum

If anyone said you can have Cymbidium Orchids flower all year round you might think they we talking about controlled climate growing of the hybrids for cut flowers.

So when is Cymbidium flowering time ? well for the hybrids, spring to summer, for the species, it varies greatly. And if you think they all look the same, with a few different colors you are in for an even bigger surprise.

We are looking at the Cymbidium species, and if you choose the right ones (and live in the right climate) you can have Cymbidiums flowering almost all year round, if you choose the right species.

Most of the popular hybrids will flower from late winter through spring to early summer, depending on your climate.

This time will also vary depending on the variety, the flowering time is influenced by the parents