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Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchid Flower

Perhaps the most popular orchids for sale Cymbidium Orchids are also one of the easist to grow.

The color range available in hybrid cymbidiums is huge including pure white, pinks, yellow and even green cymbidium orchids (pictured right. Widely used in Wedding Bouquets Cymbidium Orchids are also long lasting as cut flowers.

The varieties that we mainly see are actually Cymbidium x hybrida, such as Cymbidium Orchid Tricia Allen-Electric Green. They are colorful hybrids rather than the species themselves. Bred for flower color and form as well as hardiness. They are by far the most popular orchids to be grown in the USA and in cooler climates around the world.

They vary form miniature forms to plants with large flower spikes. As cut flowers they are long lasting and as a hardy perennial they are a wonder addition to the garden.

Wite Cymbidium Orchid

Where are Cymbidium Orchids from?

A varied group, Cymbidium Orchids are mainly from the higher altitudes of countries through South East Asia and the East Coast of Australia.

They are a sub tropical group, however as many come from the cooler foothills and mountains they are easy to grow

Although a number of species are grown by collectors it is the cymbidium hybrids with wonderful flower colors, including green, that we mainly see for sale.

They are in general, a cool growing type of orchid and prefer a shaded position. However some species do require warmth. Cymbidium Orchids grow on small trees and shrubs and are often found on coffee trees.

However the modern cultivars are easy care and cope well in a range on conditions, they even seem to thrive on neglect given good drainage and protection from very hot sun.

The very popular white flowering cymbidiums, pictured right are often used in corsages. Some are almost pure white others with markings on the lip. Remember that all flower forms are not the same, the species will have very different looking flowers to the hybrids.

In terms of popularity cymbidiums are widely grown in Hawaii where they are also use for cut flowers. Popular in Florida, Georgia and California where they are grown outdoors year round. And increasingly popular as indoor plants in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington and Massachusetts.

Cymbidium Orchid Species

And of course we have the species, with a different flowering cycle, these include :

  • C. bicolor
  • C. canaliculatum
  • C. eburneun
  • C. enisfoliun
  • C. insigne
  • C. erythrostylum
  • C. hookerianum
  • C. sinense
  • C. sauve.