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Dendrochilum Orchids

Dendrochilum glumaceum
We really believe that Dendrochilum Orchids are one of the worlds most underated orchids, but popular with collectors.

Dendrochilum wenzelii is perhaps one of the most widely grown of the species and they are relatively easy to grow. Dendrochilum glumaceum is the Hay Scented Orchid, pictured right.

A group of epiphytic, lithophytic and terrestrial orchids thet are originally from areas such as Borneo, Burma, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and New Guinea.

An attractive plant even when not in flower. Some species have very small flowers. Mnay have grass like foliage, very fine.

D. wenezlii is perhaps the easiest to grow. D. latifolium is a fragrant attractive plant.