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Rhynchostylis Orchids

Rhynchostylis Gigantea

With 6 species from Asia to India, Rhynchostylis Orchids or ' Foxtail Orchids' are a popular and with many species spectacular large growing fragrant tropical orchid.

Rhynchostylis gigantea (pictured right) and Rhynchostylis retusa being two of the most sought after species. With long flower spikes that taper off neatly as they hang down these are a spectacular orchid when in full flower.

The fragrance is best described as 'spicy' and in a warm climate this spreads particularly on a warm evening. So these are from a tropical to sub tropical climate and do require a little care, however once you have seen the flowers you will indeed fall in love with them.

Rhynchostylis gigantea (Rhy. gigantic) hase white flowers spotted with pink however near pure white forms are also available along with deep pink and a yellow to peach. Lots of hybrids.

We think that Rhynchostylis retusa is even more deserving of the 'foxtail' name. Wonderful spikes of pink and white flowers that seem more tightly held than others.