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Orchids are one of the most popular flowering plants in the world. With orchid species suitable for climates ranging from Tropical to the cooler growing species such as Masdevallias you will soon be in love with this species.

In our orchid section you will find easy access to growing notes and care instructions for many of the popular orchid species as well as a look at some of the modern cultivars and hybrids that we have found over the years. Many of the resources are aimed at the novice or beginner grower in the wonderful world of orchids.

For the experienced grower we provide a more in depth look at some of the rare and unusual orchids that we have seen over the years.

Orchids are not difficult to grow given the right conditions. It is well worth joining your local orchid club or society for some great information on what orchids best suit your climate.

Very popular both as indoor plants and outdoor, especially in warmer climates many species are very esy to grow. Cymbidiums are perhaps one of the most forgiving species of all. Coping well with colder climates as well as long periods of neglect.

Orchid Identification

You can start by looking at the climate that they grow in. Some are tropical, some are cool climate and then just about every climate in between.

Our individual species guide contains pictures and descriptions of a representitive sample of some of the most commonly grown species as well as some popular cultivars.

You should also find descriptive labels on orchids offered for sale in good nurseries as well as the big boxes that sell a few of the common species.

More help with Orchid ID can be found at :

  • Orchid Shows - Held regularly in every state.
  • Orchid Clubs and Societies - Again almost every state has a number of these clubs.

Orchids are available for sale from the following online nurseries and specialist growers.

ASIATICA - phone: 717 938-8677
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Retail mail order nursery selling new and rare hardy and tender plants from catalog.

CEDAR BLUFF ORCHIDS - phone 865 966-5344
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Orchids and Landscape Design

MARLOW ORCHIDS - phone: 585 889 7083
Huge range of orchids including; Stanhopea, Masdevallia, Paphiopedilium and Dendrobiums.

Specialising in Masdevallia Orchids for cool climates. Yes we send to the USA. Order size limits may apply.
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