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Seed Scarification

Many seeds have very hard coatings, its part of the survival process, and in nature the coating would naturally be scarified through abrasion, or through other processes. However as we collect seeds and try to preserve them we sometimes need to manually begin the scarification process to promote germination.

The process is simple, seeds are either manually scared with a sharp knife, or rubbed on an abrasive material to just damage the coating enough so that moisture can enter and trigger the germination process. This can be a little tricky, as we do not wish to cut open the seed, just scratch it, and we also need to avoid the node where the radical will appear from.

Some seeds actually require fire to scarify them in nature, another survival technique for plant species, seed can last for many years, and when a wild fire destroys a forested area the hard seeds are scarified, and begin to germinate and renew the life cycle of plants.

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