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Seed Stratification

Sounding like it is complicated, the stratification of seed if not really about tricking seeds into growing, it is simply about providing them with the right conditions for them to germinate.

Lets look at stratification techniques as mimicking nature, rather than being being manipulative. And of course stratification can be used to get seeds to go through the germination process at different times of the year if that is what you are after.

What is stratification

A definition of seed stratification refers to the process in natural environment where many seeds go through much colder winters than they do in garden conditions, mainly because gardeners like to grow plants from all around the world, rather than just plants native to the local area.

In areas where winters are cold, and seeds are even subjected to freezing conditions over winter they have an inbuilt mechanism to help them to survive. They simply stay dormant until it warms up, however this also means that they have actually adapted to the signals of cold and warmth, they need a cold winter to help trigger them into new growth.

One of the main pieces of equipment that gardeners use in stratification is the refrigerator.

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