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How to grow potatoes

As a starting point. most potato varieties do not like hot tropical climates, and all potatoes should be grown from seed potatoes to avoid disease and virus. However, potatoes are easy to grow, if you look at most compost heaps that have had potato peelings and scraps placed in them you will see shoots of new plants emerging.

What we are after is a few ideas on how to grow the best potatoes in the home garden.

The first point to be remembered when looking to plant potatoes is to use 'seed potatoes'. These are usually certified as 'virus free', they will usually grow to be a much healthier, better than taking chances with potato virus.

Secondly its a choice of what potatoes to grow. The choice is based on the type of potato, and the growing season.


When choosing the type of potato you wish to grow consider each varieties characteristics, some types are great for chips, others for mashing, some are better for baking and others for boiling and potato salads.