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How to grow Rhubarb

How to grow Rhubarb

A good old fashioned vegetable that has been used in jams, stewed fruit and preverves for years, rhubarb is grown from crowns. It is the red stalks that are used, although not all Rhubarb is red, some varieties are yellow, others green.

This is a long lived plant, once established it will produce for many years, relaibly providing those wonderful red stalks in abundance.

It needs a cool winter to thrive and when grown as a perennial is best in USDA zones 3 - 8. In colder zones it can be treated as an annual, it does not cope well with the heavy freezes. Rhubarb is also not suited to hot humid climates, so the 'middle' zones are by far the best for growing it.

With wonderful red stalks and big leaves, rhubarb can be grown in the perennial border or the vegetable garden. A number of varieties are sold, most of them excellent to home gardens.

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