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How to grow vegetables

Garden Vegetables for growing in the home vegetable garden can be started from seed, vegetable seedlings or from tubers.

How to grow vegetables can depend on climate and soil, No Dig Vegetable Gardens and Hydroponic vegetable growing are alternatives to traditional vegetable patches.

Hothouses, or green houses can be used to grow many vegetables 'out of season' or in climate zones not ideally suited to particular vegetables.

Vegetable gardening basics

Vegetable Selection.

You cant grow every vegetable in every climate or every soil, some vegetables are tropical some require a cool climate, so chose the type of vegetables that best suits your climate.

However, if the situation and climate is a little marginal, then maybe give it a go. Look around the district and see what vegetables others are growing, its a good indication of what will work. Consider a Hothouse or Green house to lengthen the growing season.

Site selection for Vegetable Gardens

Most vegetables require a deep, humus rich soil and a sunny position to provide a good crop. However we do list some vegetables that will grow well in shade.

Planting out a seedlings

Generally wait until frosts are over before planting.