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growing cabbages

How to grow Cabbages

Both red and green cabbages are excellent, the red ones are smaller, but need less space.

The most widely grown of the green cabbages are the Savoy type, very tender and you can even eat it raw. The wrinkled leaves may give the impression of a tough plant, however the heart is soft and tender.

Best grown from seedlings cabbage seeds can be sown in late winter to spring. The best time is around 6 weeks before the last frosts in your zone. You will need to harden the young plants off alittle before planting out. In some zones you can get a second crop sown in late summer.

ike all of the brassicas, cabbages do grow well in part shade, especially afternoon light shade. They do not like acidic soils, try for a pH of 6.6 - 7.5.