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Water Fountain Ideas

Small pump in garden fountain

It is hard to find a better way to add interest and style to your garden than by adding a water fountain. Suppliers carry many different designs from traditional tiered fountains to sleek modern glass fountains that will also work well on a patio.

From a rustic fountain that looks likes its straight out of the old west, to a fountaind that is inspired by Japanese or Balinese garden design, they are all available, its a matter of choice.

You will not be surprised to find almost endless ideas for water fountain designs for the garden. After all they have been used in landscaping for centuries. Used as a major design feature in the garden, or tucked away in a corner to be discovered, fountains and other water features are focal points in the garden.

It is great if you can incorporate water fountains in the garden when you are designing the landscape, however it is also easy to add a fountain later on. It is worth the effort to take a walk around your yard and see where a fountain might add interest.

Timber Water Fountain

You can start by looking at style :

  • Contemporary This type of design fits in well with modern architecture. Sleek lines and modern materials, steel, glass, polished stone.

  • Traditional Interestingly many traditional styles of water fountains fit in with both period style homes as well as contemporary landscaping. Often stone is the material, however bamboo, cast iron and other materials are also used.

  • Quirky or 'Innovative' In the right place, the unusual water fountain idea can make a great feature. The trick is to be sure you have the right setting. So if you see a great fountain idea, just make sure the style will fit your home or garden.

Another factor is location

  • Tiered fountains generally need space around them to look good.
  • Wall fountains are great space saving ideas as well as being useful in breaking up fences and walls.
  • Small Urns and water bowls can be used in the smallest of areas with great success.
Contemporary Wall Mounted Water Fountain

Power Source

Here we are looking at mains power or solar.

  • Solar is easier to install, and cheaper, however they do need a battery back up for continual operation.


Water Fountains available include both outdoor fountains and indoor fountains. Garden fountains can be built to blend into the landscape or mounted as wall fountains.

Modern water walls and contemporary fountains are also available both from garden outlets and water fountain specialists. Floor and wall water fountains are a popular innovations with materials being used including glass, stainless steel, stone and iron.