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Pond Pumps

Small pump in garden fountain

Garden ponds, waterfalls and fish ponds all require pond pumps to function properly. Pond Pumps have a number of purposes and pumps come with different head pressure.

Pond Pumps serve a number of purposes.

  • Pond pumps help put oxygen back into the water, essential for a healthy pond.
  • Pond pumps provide a flow of water for pond fountains and pond waterfalls.
  • Pond pumps can be used to provide water for pond sprays

It is important to determine the head pressure required before purchasing a pond pump. Details should be available from pond pump suppliers manufacturers web sites.

You need to look at the use of your pump before selecting.

The following factors will influence you purchase.

Two factors come into play when reviewing any pump for you fountain or pond.

Flow Rate

This simply means how much water will be pumped per hour so it is measured in Gallons Per Hour (GPH)

Head Pressure

This comes into the flow rate, its all about how high you need to pump the water. The higher or further you have to pump the water, the higher the head pressure and therefore the lower the flow rate.

So a pump that will pump 4000 gph at a 2 ft head, may only pump 2000 gph with a 8 ft head.

What does this mean. ? Well basically your water fall just became a trickle.......