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Garden Pond Ideas

garden pond

Getting design ideas for a backyard pond, can set you on the path to creating a great feature in your own garden. Ponds are popular in both large and small landscaping projects, they create a focal point and a sense of tranquility.

Design is important, as with any landscaping project it needs to fit in with the overall character of you home. From modern and sleek to a natural looking pond it is easy to create a design that will add interest and enhance the value of your property.

A little research into pond basics including, depth, features, placement and possible materials will prepare you for working with your landscaper or perhaps for a DIY project.

You may think that a small pond is the easiest solution, however larger ponds are generally simpler to maintain. The volume of water helps create a more viable ecosystem, the water does not heat up as much and you end up with less problems.

A garden pond can be as simple as a ready made fiberglass precast pond or a waterfall, or it can be custom built to fit in with the natural landscape or architectural design of the building. However all ponds need to be carefully designed if they are to be effective, attractive and add value to your home.

Garden ponds are popular across America with particular interest in Oklahoma, Kansas, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wisconsin. We provide a basic guide to pond design for small gardens.

Pond pumps, koi, pond fish food and other pond accessories all help add to the attractive nature of any garden pond.

To create a stream a gradual slope is required, as is electricity for a pump to circulate the pond water. When first thinking about installing a pond consult your local authority for regulations and take the following factors into consideration.