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Wholesale Carex plants and species

Carex plants and species are valued by landscapers as clump forming ornamental grass.

Species such as Carex testacea, Carex divulsa, Carex praegracilis are an ornamental grass used widely in landscaping.

Carex are actually sedges rather than grasses. Clump forming Carex are useful for general landscaping, roadside planting and other applications where a relatively low maintenance clump forming grass is required.

  • Carex praegracilis is known as the California Field Sedge.
  • Carex divulsa is known as the European Grey Sedge or Berkeley Sedge.
  • Carex stricta or 'Tussock Sedge' will reach 2-3 ft.
  • Carex glauca is known as the 'Blue sedge'
  • A relatively new introduction Carex Testuca is from New Zealand, this one has attractive orange and green foliage and a weeping habit.

Some Carex species require more moisture than others, consult with your local supplier.