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Wholesale Cotoneaster Nurseries

Cotoneaster are an extremely hardy plant that are uses in the garden border as well as for screening. Some varieties will grow through to USDA zones 2 with C. igneous perhaps being the most hardy .

Generally dull green foliage with white flowers followed by red berries which last long into fall.

Cotoneaster racemiflora soogorica is very showy when in flower and one of the best for badges.

Cotoneaster 'Lowfast' may not be as cold hardy, however it is low growing, making a good ground cover plant, also known as the Bearberry Cotoneaster. ‘Coral Beauty’ is another low growing type.

Cotoneaster congestus is the Pyrenees Cotoneaster reaching around 6 ft in height with pink tinged white flowers. C. apiculatus has brilliant deep red berries.

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