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Wholesale Fargesia Bamboo for sale in the USA

Fargesia Bamboo Species

  • Fargesia Rufa will reaching 6-8 feet tall and is cold hardy.
  • Fargesia Murielae does well in a part shaded position slightly taller 10 - 14 ft.
  • Fargesia robusta is taller to nearly 18 ft and with its upright habit makes a great screening plant.
  • Fargesia nitida or 'Blue Fountain Bamboo'.
  • Fargesia robusta 'Pingu' is more tolerant of sun than most other species.

Final heights of Fargesia species are estimates, as with all plants the final height reached will depend largely on climate, soil and other growing conditions.

All bamboo plants will spread, so the term 'non invasive' needs to be considered as an indication only, the rate of spread will be determined by growing conditions and other local factors, always consult your supplier who can provide local insights into actual growth habits.