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Wholesale Fothergilla Nurseries


The two major species that are used in the garden and for hybridisation are Fothergilla major and Fothergilla gardenia. These two are very different in size F.gardenii being the smaller of the two and sometimes referred to as the ‘dwarf Fothergilla’.

Fothergilla major is larger, sometimes called the mountain Fothergilla, and it does come from higher in the foothills, usually above 600m.

Although these plants have been in cultivation for close to 300 years, today it is the cultivars that are most widely offered by wholesale growers.

The flowers of Fothergilla are a frothy white, the foliage is generally blue green with excellent gal tones of yellow orange and red.


Fothergilla make good companion plants with Virginia sweet spire, they also work well as a background to spring flowering bulbs. For contrast plant them with shrubs that have golden foliage. They also work well with dwarf rhododendrons and as a foil for hydrangeas.

All seem to maintain better blue in the foliage in part shade.
Although most varieties are grown as multi stemmed shrubs, we have seen carefully pruned standards, like a ball on a stick, of the taller types such as ‘Mt Airy’.

Fothergilla Varieties

Fothergilla x intermedia are from a group of chance seedlings between F.gardenii and F. major. Wholesale growers offer the following varieties plus other select cultivars.

  • Fothergilla ‘Mt Airy’ being the best known and most widely grown.
  • F. x intermedia ‘Blue Shadow’ is relatively new, the foliage emerges green and then turns to a powdery blue. One of the best new landscaping plants with blue foliage.
  • F. x intermedia ‘Beaver Creek’ is compact form reaching only around 3 ft in height. Blue green foliage and good fall colour.
  • F. x intermedia ‘Red Licorice’ has deeper red fall colour than most,
  • F. x intermedia ‘Windy City’ has greener foliage than most.

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