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Wholesale Itea virginica (Virginia sweetspire) for sale in the USA

Growing well in so many different conditions Itea virginica (Virginia sweetspire) seems to be happy in sun or shade, waterlogged soils as well as in the average garden.

It is not only the easy nature, but also the fragrant white flower spikes that rise above the foliage that are a major attraction.
A deciduous shrub that is naturally low growing reaching only around 2 - 3 ft in height, Virginia sweetspire forms a nice mound of foliage with long racemes of white flowers drooping down.

Foliage is ovate and mid to deep green. Good golden and ochre fall color. A dense creeping habit and the tendency to sucker in moist areas make this a useful ground cover plant in the right conditions. Useful for erosion control on stream banks.

Used as a specimen shrub in the border and also useful as a low hedge plant. A very useful plant for wet soils especially those that incur periods of dryness that may set back other moisture loving plants. Easily pruned back after flowering to maintain a more compact growth habit.

Itea virginica Varieties

  • ‘Little Henry’ is said to have better flowers and fall color.
  • ‘Shirley's Compact’
  • 'Merlot' has very good red foliage in fall, compact habit.

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