Wholesale Jasmine for sale in the USA

Jasmine are a group of climbing plants with the popular 'Star Jasmine' Trachelopermun jasminoides also know as 'Confederate Jasmine' being widely grown. Fragrant white flowers for long periods this is a tough, drought tolerant climbing plant. Quick to cover a fence or pergola, this Jasmine has a number of landscaping uses.

Star Jasmine can easily be grown in pots or containers, excellent climber to good filtered light.

Other Jasmine plants include :

  • Trachelodpermum asiatican is the Asiatic Jasmine. Used as a groundcover
  • Gelsemium sempervirens is the Carolina Jasmine, yellow flowers but toxic to bees.
  • Jasminium mesnyi - The promrose jasmine. Excellent ground cover.
  • Cestrum nocturmun - The night blooming jasmine.

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