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Wholesale Leucothoe for sale in the USA

With over 50 species from both North America an Asia, Leucothe are a group of ornamental shrubs varying in height from 3 ft to 9ft depending on species and conditions.

The two species most commomly offered are Leucothe axillaris and its cultivars and more commonly Leucothe fontanesiana and its many cultivars.

Leucothe fontanesiana is known as the drooping or weeping laurel. Best in USDA zones 5 - 8 and used widely as an evergreen hedge. The species has attractive white flowers appearing in spring. Evergreen glossy foliage.Growing well in full sun to part shade it is a versatile plant.

Leucothe fontanesiana Cultivars include

  • Leucothe fontanesiana 'Scarletta' with its brilliant new red folaige is an excellent plant for part shade. This is a lower growing cultivar, with white flowers that look a little like 'Lily of the valley' flowers. Deer resistant and reaching only around 2 ft in height.
  • Leucothe fontanesiana 'Rainbow' also known as 'Girards Rainbow' green, cream and red mottled foliage, similar flowers to the above. Good low hedging plant and easliy pruned to shape. Reaching around 4ft in height witha spread of 6ft.


Leucothe axillaris Cultivars include

  • Leucothe axillaris 'Marjie Jenkins', evergreen with white flowers, reaching around 3ft in height, branches interweave.
  • Leucothe axillaris 'Curly Red' with its 'curled foliage' turns a brilliant red in the colder months adding good color during the winter. Grows well in containers or as a backdrop for winter flowering annuals and perennials in the border.
  • Leucothe axillaris 'Zeblid' (syn Leucothe fontanesiana 'Scarletta')

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