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Liriodendron tulipifera is the only recognized species in the genus, although L. chinensis may be a sub species or a species depending on who you talk to.

L.tulipifera is a wonderful tall tree from the east of the USA, large mid to deep green four lobed leaves tall growing to around 100ft in height in good conditions. It aslo happens to be the state tree of three states Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana. Commonly called the white poplar, tulip poplar and whitewood.

Flowering in summer with large yellow and orange tulip shaped flowers, followed by brown fruit. Flowers are attractive however are often hidden by the foliage. Flowering will not occur untilo trees have reached a reasonable age 15 - 20 years.

Foliage turns a good yellow with orange and red in fall, bare limbs through winter.

Growth Rate

Growth rate will vary depending on soil and aspect. In a good position it is regarded as fast growing, other positions moderate.

Younger trees will grow faster, in good conditions 36" a year generally around 18" to 24". Growth rate slows as the trees mature. Growth rate will also be faster if they are not subjested to very dry conditions or very hot summer sun.


As the trees are subject to wind damage they are best planted in sheltered positions, the leeward side of a slope

Liriodendron tulipifera varieties

Wholesale growers usually offer two forms :

  • The species L.tulipifera with its spreading crown to around 50ft and a height of 100ft
  • Liriodenron tulipifera fastigata which has a narrower or fastigate habit and is smaller growing, reaching only around 50 ft.
  • A new selection is also being offered Liriodendron tulipifera 'Little Volunteer' all of the good characteristics of the species however much smaller growing, Reaching only 15 ft in the short term, perhaps up to 30ft over time, it is far better suited to the hone garden, and very useful for street plantings as well.

You will also find Liriodenron tulipifera aureomarginata,green foliage with yellow leaf margins.

L.chinensis has denser foliage, smaller in habit and best suited to USDA zones 8 - 10.

All are best suited to USDA zones 4 - 10.

Landscaping uses

Excellent as large feature trees in parks gardens and similar. Also used as tall screens . L. tulipifera fastigata is more suited to urban areas, its smaller and narrower growth habit make it useful as a screening plant.


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