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Wholesale Magnolia Trees for sale in the USA

Magnolia tree are broadly divided onto two groups, the evergreen and the deciduous. The evergreen types are generally Magnolia grandiflora varieties and hybrids. Excellent as large feature trees with some being smaller growing and making good hedging plants.

Deciduous types have been developed over many years for their flowers, many are more compact trees, well suited to smaller gardens.

Final heights will always depend on soil, climate and individual cultivar, so talk to your local wholesaler for advice.

A number of species and cultivars are available including :

Deciduous Magnolias

Deciduous Magnolia
Here we have listed a few of the favourites.
  • Magnolia denudata
  • Magnolia sieboldii
  • Magnolia stellata
  • Magnolia x 'Butterfly'
  • Magnolia x 'Nimbus'
  • Magnolia x 'Sunburst'
  • Magnolia x soulangiana

Evergreen Magnolias

The lower growing cultivars include :
  • Little Gem - Widely used reaching to 25 ft
  • Baby Doll - Soon to be released, a rounded habit 10 ft tall and wide.
  • Baby Grand - Excellent container plant.
  • Teddy Bear - Rounded foliage, dense habit
  • Kay Parris - a more upright or columnar habit

The taller growing types are nunerous and include :

  • Magnolia grandiflora Majestic Beauty
  • Magnolia grandiflora Sammuel Sommer
  • Magnolia grandiflora Edith Brougue
  • Magnolia grandiflora 'Bracken’s Brown Beauty'
  • Magnolia grandiflora 'Glen St. Mary'
  • Magnolia grandiflora 'Southern Charm'

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