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Wholesale Mulberry Tree Nurseries

The leaves of the Mulberry tree are the only food eaten by silk worms. The fruit of the Mulberry tree needs to be fully ripened before it is eaten. Rather like a large blackberry, very sweet when ripe. Three type of tree are available, and these all relate to fruit color, red, black and white. Generally the red and black varieties are favoured for fruit production.

Eventually they will form a medium to large deciduous tree with a spreading crown, a number of varieties are available for sale.

  • Persian - Deep red to black fruit late ripening.
  • Pakistan - Red Sweet red fruit, early ripening.
  • Pakistan White - Fruit is more of a pale pink than white, very sweet.
  • Teas's Weeping Mulberyy - Attractive tree with a pendulous habit. Red to black fruit.
  • Black Beauty - Large black fruit, self fertile.

Mulberry trees are regarded as drought tolerant, however for fruit production some watering is beneficial. A warm position is a well drained soil is about all Mulberry Trees require.

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