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Nandina domestica is also known as 'Sacred Bamboo' and 'Heavenly Bamboo'. Although not actually a bamboo, its stems do resemble it.

Used widely as a low growing hedge or screening plant, Nandina is not as vigorous as most bamboo species, however it will self seed.

Suited to growing in part shade Nandina grows well in a humus rich moist soil, also suited to growing in containers. New growth is a bright red, turning to green in time. Flowers are insignificant, white and small although the flower bracts can be large. Flowers can be followed by red berries. Many gardeners like to deadhead after flowering to remove the berries.

Regular pruning of older canes will help create a dense bushy growth habit. Regarded as hardy in USDA zones 6 - 11.

In warmer areas afternoon shade is required and protection from coastal winds is advisable.

Prune in spring, removing older canes to ground level.

Some of the newer cultivars are said not to flower at all, or as prolifically as the species. This means that they are not as invasive as those that flower and therefore produce berries which are spread by birds.

Nandina varieties.

Nandina domestica nana - A lower growing cultivar.

Wholesale growers also offer a number of named cultivars including :

  • Moon Bay
  • Firepower
  • Gulf Stream
  • Royal Princess
  • Blush Pink

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