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Wholesale Poplar Trees for sale in the USA

Widely called Aspen as well as Cottonwood, the Populus genus contains around 30 species, many widely used in landscaping.

These are a deciduous tree that grow well in the temperate regions, they reproduce from seed and also by suckering. In landscaped areas the suckers are easily controlled by mowing. In other areas the suckers can be a problem.

  • Populus deltoides is a large tree to around 100ft in height. Less suckers than other species however susceptible to wind damage. Best in USDA zones 3 -10.
  • Populus tremula is also known as the common aspen,quaking aspen or European aspen, reaching around 50ft on maturity foliage is bronze when new turning to green and then yellow in fall. Best suited to zones 1- 9. Excellent in large parks and gardens. Populus tremula 'Pendula' is a weeping cultivar
  • Populus nigra is the Black poplar, tall to around 100ft and only suited to larger parks. The cultivar P.'Italica' is the widely grown Lombardy Poplar, upright in habit and used in avenues as well as a tall screening plant. Best in zones 6 - 9.

Hybrid poplars are widely used for firewood, in their natural environment they are excellent habitat for native animals.