Wholesale Pyrus for sale in the USA

The flowering peartrees are Pyrus varieties and these vary in height as well as growth habit. Some are tall and columnar in habit, others have broad spreading crowns. They are well suited to a range of landscaping situations with Pyrus calleyana cultivars being the most widely used in landscaping applications.

New cultivars such as Pyrus 'NCPX1' or the Javelin Pear are being introduced, perhaps the most upright and tightest of all of the cultivars.

Pyrus Varieties

  • Pyrus calleryana ' Aristocrat' will reach around 40 ft in height with a spread of 30ft. Open habit and good fall color.
  • Pyrus calleryana 'Capital' reaches around 35 ft with a more upright habit and a spread of 12ft.
  • Pyrus calleryana 'Jazcam' is lower growing to around 15ft with an oval crown to around 10ft
  • Pyrus calleryana 'Autumn Blaze' broad spreading crown to 25ft and a height of 30ft. Very good red fallcolor.
  • Pyrus 'NCPX1' narrow or fastigate habit with a spread of only 10ft, height of 35ft.

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