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Wholesale Quince Trees for sale in the USA

Quince trees may be a little down the pecking order in terms of Quince trees however they are excellent fruiting trees and attractive garden plants as well.

Quince fruit is used for pies, jellies and candies. Also used to preserve in desert wines as well as being added to apple cider.

The popular Smyrna Quince (Cydona oblonga) with its large yellow fruit is an old fashioned variety originating in Turkey. A small tree to around 15ft in height. Hardy to zone 5, however needing 100 hours of chill to produce good fruit.

The Pineapple Quince has a more rounded fruit, a faint pineapple taste to the fruit. Widely grown in California.

The confusing naming of the Orange Quince or Apple Quince comes from the fact that it is shaped like an apple, however orange flesh.

The fruiting Quinces are all self fertile and are easy to grow.

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