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Salix or 'Weeping Willow' Plants and Trees, Wholesale Salix or 'Weeping Willow'

Being easy care, fast growing and attractive many Willows or Salix varieties are suitable for landscaping when used in the appropriate position.

The large and fast growing species present the most problems and need space to grow. and S.babylonica, or the common weeping willow is one of these.

As with many plants, it is about choosing the right species for the right position. Some nurseries have large collections of rare and interesting Willow trees. Salix yezoalpina is a low growing almost creeping variety, it will spread, however is easily controlled.

Salix caprea 'Pendula' or 'Weeping Pussy Willow' and Salix discolor are two of the more popular species.

Salix nigra also known as the 'Black Willow', or 'Swamp Willow' is excellent for wet areas to help stabilize river banks. It grows naturally from Texas and Florida through to Canada.

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