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Weigela are a deciduous shrub grown for the masses of flowers in spring as well as the foliage through the season. Growers offer a range of cultivars differing in flower color, foliage as well as size.

Often seen as 'old fashioned', Weigela are experiencing a resurgance in popularity amongst landscapers with the many new, and improved varieties now being offered by growers.

Weigela florida is a species from which a number of cultivars have been developed, many well suited to broader landscaping uses as well as feature plants in the garden border. They also attract hummingbirds to the garden when in flower.

Some plant have been developed for foliage and are marketed as landscaping shrubs, Weigela 'Wine and Roses' is a good example of this.

Best suited to USDA Zone: 4A-8B
Sunset Zone: 1-11, 14-21

Some varieties will reach 6ft plus in height, however lower growing cultivars such as Weigela florida ‘Pink Poppet’ and Weigela florida ‘Minuet’ are lower growing reaching 2 and 3ft respectively.

Weigela varieties

The most commonly grown species is Weigela florida, tall growing 7 - 10 ft with rosy red flowers. Some hybrids have W. praecox and this makes them flower earlier in the season, however it also makes them a little less hardy.

  • Weigela florida 'Bristol Ruby' reaches around 6ft, brighter red flowers.
  • Weigela florida 'Pink Princess' reaches around 6 ft in height with clear lilac pink flowers.
  • Weigela florida 'Brigela' (French Lace) is an old fashioned variety, rosy red flowers with green and lime green to yellow variegated foliage.
  • Weigela florida 'Red Prince' has largish red flowers and will reach 6 - 9 ft
  • Weigela florida 'White Knight' similar in habit to Red Prince except with white flowers fading to pink.
  • Weigela florida 'Rumba' another old fashioned variety, lower growing than some, pink to red flowers.
  • Weigela 'Wine and Roses' very dark burgandy foliage, oneof the most attractive varieties for foliage.
  • Weigela 'Midnight Wine', again purple foliage, however this is a a dwarf variety, one of the lowest growing reaching less than 12 inches with a spreading habit.

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