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Wholesale Flowering Trees

All trees flower, howver only some have flowers that make then features in the garden. When landscapers are looking for the right tree they need to take into a number of considerations.

Size is important, a tree may have beautiful flowers, however if it does not fit the scale of the garden then it will not be suitable.

Growth habit, soil and climate requirements all need to be considered as well. The tree must suit the zone.

Maintenance and litter also need sto be considered, some trees flower and produce a lot of fruit or seed pods after flowering. These may drop causing a little problem the client may not wish to deal with.

Consider the perfume or fragrance, a strongly perfumed tree may not be suited close to the house. Some clients may also have allergies to some trees and the perfume they produce.

Finally the flowers themselves, what sort of flower does the client want. Masses of flowers that cover the tree, or perhaps large flowers are important. Flower color is also important in some landscape designs, we have seen 'all white gardens', so discuss the needs with the client before contacting the wholesaler or grower.

Landscaping with flowering trees

One of the trends with modern gardens is to grow smaller or dwarf flowering trees. This fits in with the move to smaller properties, urban living and container growing. ven the well know Liriodendron tulipifera has a smaller growing cultivar.

The purpose of a flowering tree may be the aesthetics, or it may be to attract beneficial insects and pollinators to the garden, just one more factir to consider.

Trees may be planted as specimens, or in large clumps, depending on the landscape design.

Flowering Tree Varieties

You can browse the catalogs of growers listed, or use our species list to find appropriate trees.

Our Six best flowering trees for landscaping are

  1. Deciduous Magnolias
  2. The flowering Dogwoods.
  3. Crabapple trees
  4. Prunus varieties
  5. Redbuds
  6. Crape myrtles

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