Montana MT Wholesale Plant Nurseries

With a diverse climate and soil conditions in Montana the best trees, shrubs and other plants will depend on location. Montanans live from the Rockies to the Great Plains, and what is suited to one area will not even grow in some other areas.
Most Montanans will know that the west is a much milder climate than the east, and with the divide in between winters are very different..
Trees suited to the colder regions include Thuja, Norway spruce, Ginkgo, Western Yellow Pine, many of the Poplars and the Golden Aspen.

Wholesale Plant and Tree Nurseries in Montana MT provide wholesale plants such as trees, roses and shrubs. Wholesale growers may specialize in one genus or may grow a wide range of plants. Includes : container, B&B, Shade and ornamental plants perennial plants.

110 Progressive Drive, Belgrade, MT 59714
Tel: (406) 388-1116
Ornamental Grasses, Perennials, Alnus, Poplus, Ribes, Salix, Cornus.

3240 Montana Hwy. 35 Kalispell, Montana
Tel: 406-752-2044
Acer (Maple), Fraxinus, Malus, Gleditsia, Poplus, Quercus, Sorbus, Tillia