Nebraska Wholesale Plant Nurseries

Wholesale Plant and Tree Nurseries in Nebraska NE provide wholesale plants such as trees, roses and shrubs. Wholesale growers may specialize in one genus or may grow a wide range of plants. Includes : container, B&B, Shade and ornamental plants perennial plants.

With some recent changes to climate zones in Nebraska, most of the state is now classified as USDA zone 5, it probably means little to the plants that can be grown in the state. Junipers in most of their forms are regarded as excellent trees for most of the state.

Choosing the right tree for growing conditions. Consider the following, Quercus macrocarpa, or Burr Oak is an excellent native tree, well suited to urban conditions. Bald cypress, the deciduous conifer, upright and wind tolerant. Northern catalpa, exotic foliage and a fast growing tree. Kentucky Coffee tree may be late to put on new growth in spring however is excellent and hardy. Elm trees with Dutch elm resistance such as Valley Forge and New Harmony.

Small growing deciduous trees for Nebraska include :

Cotinus obovatus commonly called the smoke tree. The Redbud, Cercis canadensis, wonderful spring flowers, Lilacs, another spring flowering shrub with fragrance. Crabapple, good spring flowers and excellent small shade trees. Acer truncatum or Shantung Maple has glossy green foliage and excellent purple foliage in fall.

Wholesalers and specialist growers can recommend a range of trees suited to landscaping applications as well as re vegetation projects.

900 NW 140th St Lincoln NE 68528
phone : 800-669-4408
Large range of Conifers and other trees including Aspen, Birch, Crabapple, Hornbeam, Lilac, Maple and Oak.

519 Byran Street Clarkson NE 68629
phone : 800-356-9164
Range of Succulents, Climbing Plants, Perennials, Ornamental Grasses, Herbs, Ferns, Groundcover plants, Hostas and others,