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Arisaema candidissimum

Arisaema candidisimum Flower

One of the most attractive species, Arisaema candidissimum is loved for the very pretty pink and white striped flower (see picture right) as well as the attractive large leathery foliage .

Easy to grow in the garden or container this is a winter dormant plant and emerges usually after the last frost have gone. In the garden it will slowly spread to form a good clump. It does not seem to self seed as readily as some other Arisaema species.

Another species from China this is fairly easy to grow and its long lasting foliage is an added attraction. This species is fairly late to emerge in our garden however it is always a joy to see the first flowers in spring.

A low growing arisaema when compared to other species and we have found that it makes a great container plant as well as looking excellent when grown in clumps in the border or woodland garden.

The intriguing flowers appear in a hooded spathe, you may be tempted to use them as cut flowers, however they do not last as long in a vase as they do on the plant. So simply grow them in a container and bring them indoors when the flower emerges.


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