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African Violet Care

African Violet Care

One of the best plants for any indoor situation are the African Violets, easy care, they take up little space, great foliage and beautiful flowers.

They grow naturally in the mountains of South Africa, in shaded areas along rocky ledges and were first brought to Europe by Baron Walter von Saint Paul. The mountains are the Usambara mountains, howvwer they were named after the Baron, rather than the mountains.

Fantastic flowers, great foliage and actually African Violets (saintpaulia species) are fairly easy to grow and care for once you understand the basics.

African Violets have been a favourite indoor plant for many years. Great textural foliage and fantastic flowers that appear for mush of the year from the many hybrid species available just remember that they actually are not Violets at all. And with a little care, and the right conditions, the flowering season is all year long.

You can buy specialist pots, soils and fertilizers, even indoor lights for African Violets, however simple techniques will usually give great results.

So with a little care you to can grow African Violets such as the 'Geneva Edged' example pictured right. Saintpaulia ionantha is the species from which most African violets originate.

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