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Best Roses

Altissimo is one of the best Climbing Roses

Best Roses for the garden. We bring a list of the best roses and most popular roses for the garden. Some of these roses are old favourites, some are new releases. Includes Links to Rose Nurseries in the USA.

However to get your roses, whichever ones you choose, to perform at their best you will need to follow some basic rules.

  • Choose the right cultivar for your gardening zone.
  • Plant it where recieves a minimum of 6 hours sun a day, preferably 8 or more.
  • Prepare the soil well, fertile and well drained
  • Space roses so that air movement is good and they have room to grow
  • Spend some time taking proper care of your roses through the year.
  • Watch out for the common rose diseases.


Simply put, their is no list of BEST ROSES. You need to choose the attributes listed above and then search for roses that meet your individual requirements.

Yes we do have a list of OUR BEST ROSES or our TOP TEN. And it is worth a look, but first consider what it is that you are looking for in a rose.

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